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TSCM - Stay Safe from Corporate Espionage

Our Corporate Bug Sweep service is the ultimate solution to detect and remove any unwanted surveillance devices from your professional space. We work for Vancouver businesses and organizations who value their privacy and have a need for absolute security. Our professional team provides a discreet and confidential service ensuring that your peace of mind is restored.

TSCM Bug Sweep Vancouver BC


Bug Sweep Services

BC Domestic Private Investigations

Family Matter Investigations

Mr. & Ms. Atawl

The best service I had.....I was worth spending money to put life back on the track. Very comfortable to talk and get results in less than 15 hours 

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President & CEO

BC Corporate Investigation 

Mr. Tse

New Data  was extremely quick, efficient, detail-oriented, and effective. If you need a job done you'll want Sean on your side. Thank you Sean!

Vancouver Bug Sweep


Private Investigation Legal Support

Ms. McConnell

I have worked with Sean at for over 15 years in the legal industry, where he has provided invaluable assistance on many of our files. Whether you need to locate someone, have background research done, or physical surveillance conducted.....,

Common Types of Corporate Bugs Listening or Surveillance Devices

  • Apple Air Tags are being used to track people and fleet vehicles more and more these days. Using these tracking devices is a cost-effective (cheap) and reliable way to monitor vehicles, people, and assets.

  • Hacking or monitoring a computer's camera. Thus providing audio and video capabilities 

  • Modifying existing corporate phone systems and higher functions like "room monitoring" 

  • Cellphone Apps: some of these apps can be installed remotely and remain-on undetected for years

  • Hidden microphones, it's getting much easier and very inexpensive to buy these devices on the internet

  • Hidden Video Recording, all you need these days is Google and you can buy devices ready to go, that look like all sorts of devices, but they are designed to record video, that is stored or transmitted elsewhere

  • Wiretapping, more common in the business environment, is usually installed in the phone room or d-mark panel. These devices can be powered for years and remain in the backdrop of the telecommunications room, totally undetected.  

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TSCM gear
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How much does it cost to conduct a Corporate Bug Sweep? or search for hidden video cameras? 


Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) also known as bug-sweeping eavesdropping detection is a highly technical profession and requires equipment that is valued in the hundreds of thousands.


When you are looking for corporate bug sweep services in Vancouver, Surrey or anywhere in BC, you want to hire a specialist who has all the appropriate equipment to service all business environments.


Bug Sweep Vancouver has been providing TSCM and Bug-Sweeping services in BC at the highest level for many years in all business.


Vancouver Bug Sweep works with our corporate clients to provide the most comprehensive professional bug-sweeping services, while mitigating cost where possible and providing the peace of mind that clients are looking for.


Bug Sweep Vancouver is able to provide corporate and home TSCM Bug Sweeping services in Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Langley, Abbotsford, Victoria, West Vancouver, Kelowna, an the rest of BC.  Please call us to discuss any requirements you might have.

Other types of listening devices or Bugs​

  • RF audio listening devices & video cameras

  • Apple Air Tags and similar devices

  • Infrared transmitters

  • Hard-wired CCTV Cameras

  • Contact microphones

  • Operating magnetic tape recorders

  • Hard-wire microphones

  • Internal inductive telephone taps

  • PBX hard-wire taps

  • Unintentional wiring compromises

  • Active radio frequency transmitters

  • Inert frequency transmitters

  • RF telephone transmitters

  • Frequency hopping transmitters

  • Spread spectrum transmitters

  • Carrier current transmitters

  • Telephone infinity transmitters

  • Modified/tampered telephone sets

  • Internal hard-wire taps

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